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what we do

Employee Insights. Workshops. Employee Hackathons.

• Provide data-driven employee insights that enable you to make smart decisions.
• Facilitate action-planning workshops for leaders and employees.
• Design and facilitate employee hackathons to unleash innovative solutions.

What Our Clients Say

From Our Blog

Agile. Networks of teams. Engaging employee experience throughout the employee lifecycle. These are three of the top 10 most important human capital trends of 2017 according to Deloitte.  Consistent with these trends, the use of employee hackathons to solve organizational problems is on the rise.......

Showing empathy during times of change goes a long way Situation: A Fortune 500 client in the restaurant industry was going through significant organizational change.  Leaders within a global department want to understand what energizes employees, how to prevent burnout, and how to retain employees......

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