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90 Days Is Not Enough
To Engage Your New Hires

The top five human capital trends in North America, according to Deloitte’s latest research, are leadership, retention and engagement, workforce capability, talent acquisition and access, and learning and development.

Recruiting the right talent and engaging and retaining your employees are critical if your company is going to stay ahead in 2014. It’s imperative that managers and HR do everything they can to understand what motivates and energizes new hires. With this understanding, and the right engagement strategies, managers and leaders can invite new employees to co-create a positive and successful workplace where they can bloom.

Click on my SlideShare below for some thoughts on taking the pulse of new employees:

If your company is growing and you’re hiring, don’t overlook the importance of maintaining regular check-ins and conversations with your new employees. Avoid the Risk Zone and you’ll get more ROI from your recruiting efforts and employees who will go the distance with your company.

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