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Action Planning

Focus on creating solutions,
not managing the meeting process.

Imagine you’ve just received your latest employee survey results. Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the reams of data, you wonder how and when you need to start planning for next steps.

You know your employees are waiting to see if you are going to address the issues they raised in the survey. You also know you can’t wait for too long to start the next steps because you risk eroding your employees’ trust and diminishing your leadership credibility.

Now what? Consider having an experienced facilitator to help you with the action planning process.

Action planning is a critical step after your employee survey. Effective action planning can ensure success and help you incorporate survey outcomes into part of your strategic plan. Let us manage the meeting process while you focus on generating solutions. Through our Action-Planning Facilitation, you will:

  • Identify critical issues raised in the employee survey that need to be addressed as well as items that will not be changed, with a succinct and pragmatic explanation of why the organization cannot meet the employees’ expectations in those areas at this time
  • Prioritize action items and establish metrics of success for the organization and for individual subgroups
  • Create a communication strategy for successful follow-up
  • Create a project plan that includes itemized tasks, key milestones, resources needed, and a timeline

Do you want to learn how to effectively deploy action planning in your organization?