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Eichstaedt & Lervold LLP

Increase Employee Engagement by Involving Employees in Your Strategic Planning Process.

Situation: Eichstaedt & Lervold (formerly Eichstaedt & Devereaux) is a full-service professional accounting firm in San Francisco. They hadn’t conducted a formal employee survey in several years. The recent changes in the firm’s leadership were creating some confusion among associates. The firm’s leaders wanted to get their associates’ input and understand associates’ perspectives about the firm as they plan for the company’s future.

Solutions: Novacrea designed and conducted an employee survey that assessed associates’ perceptions of the firm’s leadership, communication, collaboration, and working relationships. We analyzed survey results and presented to the senior management team at their leadership retreat.

Results: Several key issues were discovered—and associates made valuable suggestions for improving the issues identified. Their responses provided critical input and were integrated into the firm’s strategic planning and used in creating a clear, compelling vision. Eichstaedt went on to expand from one location in San Francisco to another location in Menlo Park, California.

We can help you design and implement an employee survey to gather employee input before you implement any major organizational changes.

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