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Employee Survey Feedback: Have fun with your presentation

We advise our clients to share their employee survey results with their employees after the conclusion of the study. Acknowledging that employees’ opinions have been heard will help build employee trust.

You don’t have to show all the results by each questionnaire items (you don’t want to overwhelme your employees with too much information!). But you need to share with them highlights of the survey results, and interpret the results within the context of your business environment and business goals. If you have results from a previous year employee survey, it would be beneficial to show trends on key metrics such as employee engagement score, overall job satisfaction scores, and any particular areas of measurement that you want to track.

Most companies share their employee survey results using a PowerPoint presentation or a Word Document. That is fine. But you can engage employees more in the presentation by making it more fun and visual. I encourage you to play with your presentation and jazz it up with various graphics, colors, and fonts. Here are some ideas:

Word Clouds: It’s best used to capture the essence of employee comments. You can use free software such as WorditOut or Wordle to generate your word clouds. For inspiration, you may want to follow Fast Company’s inforgraphic of the day.

Think parallel, not linear: PowerPoint or Word documents are by design linear. You may want to try prezi or ahead to create a “big picture” presentation that integrates your company goals, survey results, and next steps.

What if you have employees who cannot attend your survey results meetings because they work night shifts, work in remote locations, or simply were on vacation when you had your presentation? We suggest you record your survey results presentation and employees’ questions and answers, then post the recording on your intranet or other employee communication channels so that all employees have access to the survey results.

Conducting the employee survey is only the first step in measuring your employee engagement and creating a great place to work. Sharing the results, following up on employee suggestions, and engaging employees in ongoing conversations are the key ingredients in creating a sustainable positive work environment.

Why not let your creativity loose and take your presentation to a new height?


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