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Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center

Motivating a diverse group of people begins with effective listening.

Situation: The Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center (GLBRC) is one of three biological research centers funded by the Department of Energy. It has 14 member institutions in the United States and an international center in British Columbia. GLBRC’s members include scientists, researchers, post- docs, graduate students, and staff members. Although GLBRC conducted a paper survey in the past, it wanted to use an online survey to gather members’ feedback about working at the Center with the intent of using this information as a baseline when planning for the future.

Solutions: GLBRC partnered with Novacrea to design and conduct an online member survey, which included closed-ended and open-ended questions. Members’ responses to the survey provided valuable insight on the Center’s information-sharing structure, collaboration opportunities, leadership communication, and operations strengths and barriers.

Results: GLBRC used the data as evidence for what they needed to change as they plan for the next five years of research. They also created a plan for communicating the changes in a systematic and holistic way. Read our full interview with GLBRC here.

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