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Mizuho OSI

You can turn employee insights into action and fuel rapid growth, here is how.

Improve Performance by Listening to and Acting on Employee Feedback.

Situation: Mizuho OSI is a medical device company located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Mizuho OSI needs to attract and retain key talent to support their aggressive growth. Senior leaders wants to know what engages employees and how to facilitate conversations about transitioning their current culture to one that is aligned with the company’s aggressive growth goals.

Approach: We designed a custom employee engagement survey that measured employees’ engagement level, their perceptions about the company culture, and their experience of working at Mizuho OSI. We facilitated a one-day workshop with senior executives to prioritize follow-up actions and created a draft communication plan for rollout.

Results: Based on their business strategy and the survey results, the client identified three priorites that they would work on to close the gap between the current state and their desired state.

The story continues: Mizuho OSI leaders committed to making improvement based on their employee feedback. The second year results show significant improvement in one of the 3 priorities identified in last year’s survey. And Mizuho OSI is making good progress on the other two priorities.

We can help you get the employee insights you need to successfully execute your business strategy.

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