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Mobile Workforce Survey:
An Integrated Research

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Tell me, how many mobile devices do you have? Chances are, you have a smart phone, a laptop, and perhaps a tablet or an eReader. Now, how did your work patterns change after you’ve all these mobile devices? And what do you wish your organization or manager do differently to support your new work patterns?

Past research on mobile workforce has focused on either the technology needs of mobile workers or the perspective of managing a virtual workforce. No studies have been conducted to take an integrated look at the hardware needs (technology, mobile devices, etc.) of mobile workers and factors that could impact their employee engagement.

In June, we launched a Mobile Workforce Survey to fill this void. We just closed the survey and will be compiling the data. If you are interested to learn more about our survey results, please contact me, I’ll keep you posted.

For a Detailed View of the Mobile Workers Infographic below, click here.

The results of this survey will help us better understand:

  • The changing nature of work
  • How technology is reshaping how we do work
  • What kind of support and resources mobile workers need to be productive
  • What organizations can do to support their mobile workers

We know the results will be extremely helpful to all of us, from mobile workers to HR professionals who set workplace policies and facilities managers who manage office spaces. I look forward to sharing the findings with you!

And if you would like to launch this survey for your employees and get results specific to your organization, please contact me.

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