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New Hire Survey

Capitalize on new hires’ enthusiasm to drive great performance.

New employees are excited to be onboard and eager to contribute to your organization. Research shows that when new employees are encouraged to demonstrate what they bring to the company or are assigned a real task on Day 1, they are more likely to sustain their enthusiasm and less likely to quit within a year.

Are you doing everything you can to capture their passion before it fizzles? Click on the presentation below to see why 90 days is not enough to onboard and engage your new hires, and what you can do about it.

Our New Hire Survey gives you insights from your new employees that go well beyond the checklist of whether they’ve received their computer, completed their benefits enrollment, and described their impression of the interview process. That check list is just a start.

By listening to your new hires at regular intervals, you’ll know:

  • What’s working and what’s not so that managers can build on success and address any concerns
  • Whether your new employees are making an impact on your organization
  • How to integrate new hire insights into future onboarding programs
Request a no obligation consultation to improve your new hire retention rate.