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New Year, New Website…and more

Happy New Year!

I’ve been working hard in the past few months with my designer, Acacia Carr, to redesign our website. And now it’s here! Anyone who’s undertaken a website redesign knows how much energy and time it takes. So it feels right to celebrate this milestone in Novacrea’s history and make a proper announcement of it to all.

This new website is designed with a more focused message of who we are and of the services we offer–customized employee surveys, employee engagement consulting, and action planning facilitation. It highlights our goal to embrace new tools in social media. It shows our vision of integrating research in positive psychology, talent management, and design thinking to bring you customized solutions that keep up with the rapid changes in the world of work.

We’ve integrated my blog and Twitter feeds on the site, so you are only one click away to read about what we’ve been up to, our thoughts on employee engagement, and observations about workplace trends.

We’ve also created a page of Frequently Asked Questions in addition to the description of our consulting process to help you learn more about working with us. I love the slides on the homepage. They encapsulate our consulting philosophy. Employee surveys don’t have to be dry or boring. Research shows that people remembers stories better, and are more apt to take action when you present them with information that’s in a story form rather than in bullet points. That’s our goal in presenting survey results. We want to help you tell your organization’s stories and identify strengths and barriers to success. And by doing so, motivate you and your employees to take action to make your organization a better place to work.

I invite you to explore our website, check out the case studies, comment on my blog, and sign up for my newsletter to keep in touch.

Have a great 2012!

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