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A Step-by-Step Employee Survey Consulting Process

Novacrea Consulting Process: Employee Survey Solutions that Work!

What’s the process for creating a concise, on-point employee survey that delivers huge impact? Generates enthusiasm among employees? Enables follow-up actions?

Novacrea’s step-by-step consulting process will take you from initial consultation to employee survey results presentation and action-planning facilitation. This proven process:

  • Helps you get maximum buy-in from management and employees
  • Creates a questionnaire that’s focused on your specific needs
  • Enables smooth execution of the survey
  • Ensures ongoing dialogues between you and your employees
  • Builds trust among your employees
  • Facilitates effective follow-up action planning

Consultation. During our consultation, we clarify your employee research goals and gain focus on your priorities. This helps you crystallize ideas of how you can use the survey results to improve your organization’s performance.

Survey design. During the design phase, we create a valid and actionable questionnaire for your organization based on our consultation and understanding of your business.

Survey marketing. Before we launch the survey, we help you with pre-survey employee communications and create a marketing campaign to ensure employee buy-in and high survey response rate.

Data collection and analysis. We launch the survey, collect data, and monitor response rate. Once the survey is closed, we process the data. We test hypotheses and analyze the data by appropriate subgroup (e.g., by job function, department, or specific segmentation based on your needs).

Results presentation and recommendations. We create a report that summarizes key findings of the survey for the whole organization and by subgroup. We provide recommendations based on your survey and our understanding of your business and industry. You then have the most relevant results to plan for follow-up actions at the local level as well as the organizational level.

Action-planning facilitation. We facilitate an action-planning meeting with your management team to help you prioritize follow-up actions. You can focus your energy on generating innovative solutions while we manage the meeting process and keep the discussion going.

You can apply this action-planning process at the divisional, departmental, or team level to ensure that meaningful actions are implemented at the most appropriate organizational level.

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