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Simplicity: Key to Conducting Successful Employee Surveys

Flickr photo by Daniel HurstIn a world of complexity, people crave simplicity. In fact, simplicity is the new luxury. How can you apply the philosophy of simplicity in your employee survey design and data collection process and still get valuable results?

Simplify the topics. How many topics does your employee survey cover? Do you need to assess all these areas at once? An employee survey with focused topics yields relevant and just-in-time data. It’s more manageable. You are less likely to be overwhelmed by tons of data spread across multiple topics.

Simplify your demographic section too. How many demographic cuts will you need? If you don’t need any comparisons between age group or years of service, don’t include these questions. The longer your survey, the more likely you’ll get fewer completed responses and a lower response rate.

Simplify the language.
Are your employee survey questions clear and easy to understand? Avoid using abstract terms or HR speak. When in doubt, ask yourself, “How am I going to interpret the results?” and “What am I going to do with the results?” It is helpful to have a third party review your questionnaire and provide feedback. If you have the time and resources, pilot test your questionnaire. You’ll be amazed how valuable the feedback from your pilot test can be.

Simplify the data collection process. You are busy. Employees are busy. Make it simple for your employees to complete the survey. Let your employees access the survey in ways that are most convenient for them. Have it online. Have it on mobile devices. Have it on a kiosk. If appropriate, create a dedicated, private space in your facility where employees can take the survey. Have someone available to answer employees’ questions. You’ll reap the benefits of getting maximum return on your survey effort when you simplify the data collection process.

Simplifying your employee survey questions is not easy, but simplicity can lead to amazing outcomes. Simplicity creates clarity. Simplicity sells.

How have your simplified your employee surveys? What barriers are there to simplifying your employee surveys? What are your thoughts?

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