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Small Details. Big Impact.

Sometimes small details are what makes or breaks a perfect performance, or, a perfectly executed employee survey.

One of these small details in conducting an employee survey is your employee mailing list. Regardless of whether you are surveying all your employees or a random sample of your workforce, you’ll need to create your list and check it twice (or thrice!)

Here’s why:

Your list should not contain any duplicates. Some online survey platforms can check for duplicates in your mailing list. Others can’t. If you need to dedupe (that’s the survey lingo that means removing duplicates), you can sort your list by employee ID or email address, run a pivot table, and look for duplicates. Then remove the duplicates.

Your list should contain all the people you want to survey. It seems like a no-brainer, but sometimes an organization may have multiple employee lists. You want to be sure that you are sampling from the correct lists to create a complete sample for your survey.

Your list should be used consistently throughout the survey. Once you’ve done the above and created a master employee survey mailing list, use this list for all your communications throughout the survey process. This will ensure that your survey reminders reach the right audience and preserve the integrity of your survey sample. And your survey response rate will be calculated accurately as well.

The next time you are planning for an employee survey, remember to create your employee mailing list and check it twice.

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