Train-The-Trainer Workshop - Novacrea Research
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Train-The-Trainer Workshop

Maximize the impact of your employee survey with our survey feedback workshop. Leverage managers and supervisors to share survey feedback and involve employees in action planning.

The Train-the-Trainer survey feedback workshop is designed for leaders, managers, and supervisors. In this highly interactive workshop, participants will learn how to:

• Identify areas of strength and growth opportunities for their team
• Handle employee questions about the survey results
• Respond to low survey scores
• Identify their team’s priorities and align their action with the company’s overall goals and priorities
• Involve their employees in creating follow-up action for their team
• Create a communication plan and a project plan with key milestones

Your employees want to know that their voices have been heard. Give your managers and supervisors the tool and confidence to discuss survey results with their employees. Improve morale by involving employees in follow-up action planning.